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Welfare Association for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Society

The education and training centre WARDS (Welfare Association for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled and Society) in Bangalore is geared towards supporting disabled people in their day-to-day lives. Children and young people, in particular, should be given the chance to take part in “normal” everyday life. For the purposes of integration, around 30 children with disabilities are helped to attend a “normal” school. Speech therapy and physiotherapy as well as blindness support are provided and handicraft activities are taught as part of the “Day Care Programme”.


Other projects include a gardening workshop for visually impaired people, run in collaboration with the Association for Promoting Organic Farming (APOF). In addition to receiving support, the disabled people also taught organic agriculture and horticulture. Nearly 50 people are able to benefit from this workshop.


WARDS is involved in the Special Olympics Bharat Karnataka, among other events. Several medals were won at these Olympic Games for disabled athletes. Children and young people took part in a painting competition, and WARDS sold homemade products at a special market and presented the association to the general public. The homemade chalks and candles were particularly popular with customers.


The teachers and honorary members regularly take part in various continuing education courses. The further training offered ranges from refresher courses for special needs teachers right through to lessons in management.


After several years spent working with disabled people, WARDS now receives support from the municipal government on selected projects.


Otherwise, WARDS is funded exclusively through donations and, particularly, by Indian companies and foundations.


action five’s monthly donation of 150 euros pays for the salary of the physiotherapist Mr. Shrikanth and the teacher Mr. Nagaraj.

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