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Sanitation facilities for a school in the Congo

In late 1999, after the civil war in the Congo had ended, the Léopold Sédar Senghor School was founded in Brazzaville by an order of Catholic nuns. The school now has over 400 pupils, spread across a nursery school and a primary school for children up to ten years old. Through the university's Catholic association, which hosts our core committee meetings, we met Father Alain, a Congolese man doing his doctorate in
Bonn. He told us about the project and put us in touch with Sister Claire, one of the nuns. She visited us in Germany and introduced the project in person, impressing us with her trustworthiness and commitment. We have been in contact with her ever since and have received detailed information on the project. The school's sanitation facilities were inadequate and in a woeful state. They posed a health risk for teachers and pupils.

action five contributed 6,770 euros to fund the construction of a toilet block connected to the local mains water supply and wastewater system.

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