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Project Criteria


action five e.V. supports well planned development projects without geographical restrictions. We do however take great care to choose effective projects of high standards. Our choice of project partners is guided by the following criteria:

1. Local Initiative

The initiative should be suggested by local people with ideas about the further development of their region.


2. Independence

Partner projects should not become dependent on outside support. After an initial start-up aid, they should find local local sources of financing. This is one of the fundamental prerequisites of sustainable development.


3. Multiplier Effects

The project must offer multiplier effects. This means that the project should set an example and be reproduced.


4. Social Responsibility

It is important for social responsibility and cooperation to be promoted. Unfair and unjust structures should be identified as such.

5. Personal Contact

A personal contact between the project and action five must be established. This means someone who knows the project well must personally present it to action five and answer to questions. We have to be convinced of the trustworthiness of the project manager. There must be regular contact (by e-mail or post) with the project to ensure a good flow of information and
financial transparency.

6. Small Size

The projects should be small and manageable.

Examples for projects which largely fulfill our criteria can be found in our section “Projects” and in our quarterly newsletter (in German).

We do not support...

As a small volunteer organization we want to focus on our central objective of self-responsible and sustainable development. Therefore, we do not support:

Project Visits

To promote self-responsibility and guarantee effective use of donations, we never send anyone to work on a project directly.

Emergency Assistance

action five thus does not provide any emergency aid but instead supports projects with a longterm focus.

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