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Ny Hary (Madagascar)  

Whereas almost every village has a primary school, secondary schools are mostly only to be found in central locations. Village children can therefore only enter secondary education if their parents can arrange accommodation for them – usually with relatives – in the city. The path taken by the others after primary school frequently ends up in the dead end that is child labour.

To improve the opportunities afforded to village children, the organisation “Ny Hary” (“fruitful yield” in Malagasy) in the city of Miarinarivo is constructing a home for pupils of the local secondary schools. They are to be offered safe accommodation, support, healthy meals, clean drinking water and spotless hygiene.

Ny Hary approached the German information centre for NGOs (bengo) with this idea, seeking public funding. The organisation was then referred to action five as a German association with experience in submitting funding applications. As Ny Hary first has to prove its worth in accordance with the application regulations, and wants to make its plans known to pupils and parents, it will start by building a dining room for 100 pupils. We supported the construction with funding of 2,000 euros. School meals are to begin in the 2005/06 academic year, with the home scheduled to open in the following academic year. The ongoing financing of the institution is to be covered equally by contributions from parents and a group of supporters from Germany. The German branch of the association has already won education grants and funding for pupil partnerships, on the basis of which an exchange is to take place between Malagasy and German schools. The poorest pupils are to receive full bursaries. At weekends and during the school holidays, the institution is also to be used for adult education.

Ny Hary’s own website:

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