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Who can help action five?


Originally founded as a student group, action five is now open to everyone.Our members come from all walks of life, from many different regions and countries, and include both the young and the not quite so young.There is one thing they all share, however: the desire and the motivation to make something happen and to stand up for other people.


In essence, therefore, action five is open to anyone who is interested in self-help projects in developing regions and who wants to get involved in them.  


If you are interested in taking part in action five’s activities, simply write us an e-mail and come to one of our informal weekly meetings, where we discuss projects and campaigns. New faces are always welcome. We meet every second tuesday evening around 7.30 pm in the "Franziskusraum" at the KHG student halls, Brüdergasse 8, 53115 Bonn.

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