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Health station on the Isla de Tierrabomba (Columbia)

Conny Flores, a children’s nurse and former action five member, has worked at the Proyecto Libertad health station on the island of Bocachica since Summer 2002. The island is 30 minutes by boat from the Columbian mainland.

The sewer system on the island is at best rudimentary; there is no organised waste disposal system and no clean water. The general hygiene conditions are correspondingly bad. Although a doctor comes from the mainland every morning during the week, there are no arrangements in the event that he is ill or prevented from coming. Families earn a modest living from catching fish and producing hand-made jewellery. The money is not always enough to guarantee regular meals, and there is rarely anything left over for school fees, school uniform, textbooks and pens. Although school attendance has recently been made compulsory, and despite the presence of a school on Bocachica, the illiteracy rate is still quite high.

action five has supported the Proyecto Libertad health station with a one-off donation of 500 euros to fund the purchase of an examination table and an inhaler. The loamy soil was concreted over and tiled. With the help of action five, it was also possible to fit out a boat to allow basic medical care to reach the outlying islands. The health station with first aid clinic, pharmacy and dental surgery also hosts courses in hygiene. In addition, families are helped to construct latrines to improve hygiene. More than 100 children are provided with a regular, balanced meal.

In future, a hospital is to be built, which will provide permanent, highly qualified healthcare. We have set up a special account for the project. Donations received with the keyword “Bocachica” are forwarded directly to the project. If you want to find out more about Conny’s work or Proyecto Libertad in general, please do not hesitate to contact her at

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